Contemporary Modern living room design, known for its clear lines in furniture design, represents a new era of innovation and technological progress, and is moving towards fashion and new appearance in a very simple way.serge mouille wall lamp

When designing any room in a house, it's important to know what changes you want to see in your previous appearance. You must also consider your time and budget constraints and know which furniture and accessories should be discarded and which should be retained.

First, check the room, or take out the floor plan of the living room and put the furniture on it. This is a basic step. You must know the size of the furniture you want to buy.

The second assumption only gives you headaches, not to mention unnecessary pressure when furniture arrives at your door. Remember, although your modern living room is well designed, if your furniture is not suitable, your work will be terrible.


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Choosing colors for murals or wallpapers is a good start in designing modern living room color structure. When you choose the color of a room, there are many rules to remind you that color wheels are a good reference.


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In addition, it should be remembered that clear colors make the room bigger, while dark colors make the room smaller. Therefore, choose colors and shadows suitable for background colors.

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A reliable way to put color into modern living room design is to choose the color of pink or pink for your wall color and then use black furniture.


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In addition, make sure that your furniture not only conforms to your color structure, but also your accessories are within the color range you choose for the new modern salon.


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